Peridots for August

Peridots for August


The month of August is governed by the all-powerful Sun and by the magnanimous sign of Leo. Your solar sign reflects the dignified Sun’s life force energy and classifies you as “The Life Giver”. During the day the Sun outshines all the other planets, giving you the option to reach fame, fortune, and power during the course of your life.

Naturally gifted, you are attracted to professions involving the arts, public life, medicine, research, management, and any endeavors that could offer you a chance to shine. Just as the Sun’s rays penetrate the depths of the rainforest, you were born with the potential to bring and promote life to all that you touch. You have a lot to offer others and the world, providing you exercise control over your ego and authoritative nature.

The untamed King of the Jungle must positively direct and control the Sun’s creative force without burning himself or others in the process. You are fixed and strongly motivated by the will to succeed. Strong and dominant, you nurture a formidable desire to organize and rule others. If you become too overbearing, others will then teach you the lesson of humility, where you will be forced back to start from scratch.

Destructive outbursts of emotions and unfettered pride are enemies of success. Your challenge is to recognize the powerful Sun’s energy and diligently work towards a better understanding and respect of others. Acting eccentrically or with pride and without forethought is your weakness. However, you will courageously handle all the difficulties of life. The advanced Leo possesses nobility of purpose and great spiritual values.

Women born in August are stunning, intellectual, magnetic, and attract others with their enthusiastic solar power. Women born in August are protective and dedicated mothers. The desire for fame could also make them overbearing while trying to live through their children’s accomplishments.

The Sun rules life and you may nurture a subconscious fear of death and decay. But nature gives you a strong mind and a robust body. You love animals, especially horses.

You tend to be weak and accident prone in the back, knees and joint areas. (President Clinton was born in August and broke his knee in Florida!) A word of caution for those born in August: use precaution and moderation when running or jogging.

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