White beryls for April

White Beryl for the April born

White beryl_April

Assertive Mars controls the month of April. In Greek Mythology, this planet is called “The Lord of War,” and rules the impatient sign of Aries. You were born a leader. However, because of your inborn impatience you will learn by your mistakes. Your strong and impatient desire to succeed must be controlled and hasty decisions avoided. Others perceive you as a competitive and motivated person. More than any other sign of the zodiac, souls born in April must learn steadiness, organization and most of all, diplomacy. When confronted, grace and charm does not really belong to you.

Martian souls possess strong leadership and engineering abilities and April men are attracted to dangerous sports, speed, engineering, and the military. Due to your “turbo charged” personality, you are also accident-prone to the head, and should protect it. Both male and females born in April tend to talk too much and must learn to listen to others and control impatience. You must focus on your needs steadily and finish what you have started. Inadvertently the “red” uncontrolled Martian personality will hurt sensitive souls; thus damaging the chances for respect and promotion.

Your explosive temper is generated by an inborn fear of rejection and an inferiority complex. Do not take rejection or opposition personally. The “childlike” attitude could attract manipulative spirits wishing to structure or use the immense creativity and energy of the Mars competitive spirit.

You do love your home and you are responsible with your family. Nevertheless you prefer to be where the action is, as you get bored easily. If you practice patience, tolerance and diplomacy, there is no limit to where Mars will take you: all the way to the highest level of accomplishment. Your main lesson is to learn all the diplomatic and loving traits of the opposite Venus-ruled sign Libra. Once you find yourself and confidence, the option to become a leader in any chosen field will be given to you.

Souls born in the month of April must assume a diplomatic attitude when dealing with others and when dealing with corporate money. The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weaknesses of Mars in your chart.

White Beryl for your loved one

white beryl round

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